Friday, August 29, 2008

Txt Msg

So I got a text from the ex's girlfriend the other day.  I am going to post it here and my response.

Hi there I have put text together and thought about emails i could send you in my head and get caught with my thoughts and words i owe you a lot more than a apology I miss you often I understand if you hate me I dont know what to expect but I do want you to know I regret what I did to our friendship you were one of the truest friends I have ever had I dont understand why thing happened the way they did I just believe somewhere there is a ultimate plan for all of us and I hope someday it will make sense and on some level we can fit into each others lives again
Aug 27, 11:43am

I am not really sure how to respond to this but I guess I will just say what I have said to all the people who say "oh my gosh I am so sorry you are getting divorced" ... It's ok.  I am happy now, happier than I have been in years.  I haven't really even cried since I told Brad to leave and go be with you.  I am sorry you did what you did to our friendship too.  And I miss you too...but it will never bee the way it was.  I can't trust you .... you and Brad are a huge part of my life and i want you both to be happy.  I sincerely hope you never hurt each other the way you both hurt me.  You are stil a part of my life since Brad and I are trying to stay friends.  You and I are friends by default.  I will never be rude to you or treat you badly, it's just not in my nature to be that way.  I am at peace with the cards God dealt me.
Aug 28, 4:32pm

So there you go.  


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Sarah and Alex said...

That was nice of you to even grace her with a response. I think your response was great though.