Friday, August 1, 2008


So, it's been 3 weeks since I kicked him out.  3 weeks and I have only seen him twice - maybe 3 times.  My memory is not so good when it comes to him.  

I feel good.  I am happy.  Things are under control.

Thank God for all those things.

I do have a minor problemo right now though.  I got a call yesterday from my close friend AB.  She was calling to ask about my trip to KY last weekend.  SO - I spilled the beans about my manfriend and how he is super sweet and he treats me nicely and he is totally opposite of you know who.  She didn't seem thrilled.  

SO, this morning I emailed her from work and basically said - I hope you aren't mad at me for finding a kind person to spend time with.  The email was a bit longer - but here's the kicker....she didn't respond.  I am kinda sad and worried that she really is grouchy with me....We'll see.


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