Thursday, April 15, 2010

CIO Progress

Holy Canoli, what a difference a week can make!

On Morning One (4/10) - Nora slept until 7 am! She fussed on Night One until around midnight and then was out. 7 hours of sweet sleep, check!

On Night Two (4/10), she was the same as night one. We settled her, bathed her, and put her down. We had to go in several times to put her plug back in, it seems like she sleeps with it in and then when she spits it out she gets upset. She fussed until around midnight and slept all night. At 7:45am she woke up screamy and hungry. 7 hours of sweet sleep, check!

Nights three (4/11), four (4/12), five (4/13), and six (4/14) she went to bed easily with minimal fussing and woke up between 4am and 6am. Kick Ass! And once she had a bottle, she went right back to sleep and slept until around 10am. On Tuesday (4/13), she and I had to take Lilly Bea back to the vet. I woke Nora at 7:45a to get her dressed and in the car for the trip and she was awakey-wake until almost noon. That was a long stretch for her.

Last night she went to bed at 10:15p and didn't cry out even once. She woke up at 6:15am and didn't cry. I heard her cooing from our room. I went in to change her nappy and she just smiled and smiled at me! So sweet. I am very pleased with our progress.

I know this won't be perfect forever but so far, it is!


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