Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I decided that I ought to make a tab for all I have spent on the cloth diapering stuff. Here we go so far (I am rounding my numbers):

Bummi's Flower cover size small : $15
2 white Bummi's Whisper wraps size small: $22 ($11 each)
2 dozen infant sized prefolds: $32 ($16 each dozen)
2 dozen regular sized prefolds (for nighttime absorbancy, burp cloth, changing table cover, and future use): $42 ($21 each dozen)
Wahmies wet bag for the diaper bin: $21
Wet bag for the diaper bag: $15 (not necessary but it was covered in John Lennon by Carter's re-purposed sheets)
3 more covers size small: $55 (but I paid for overnight shipping - an extra $12) so.... $43

Total so far: $200

Perspective: I bought a container of diapers to cover us while her stub was still on and while she was too small for even the small sized diaper covers and it was $42 and they lasted around a month. Well, actually those plus the free ones from the hospital lasted around a month. According to most cloth diapering sites we spend on average $66 a month for disposable diapers. Around $1600 for each child from birth to potty. That's a lot!


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Ashley said...

Ok I'm plugging a website so I can get an entry in for a contest - but you might enjoy the website. It's or Colorado baby on facebook. She is having a contest for grobaby diapers on their facebook page.
Also she has all her grobaby products 25% off right now bc they are changing their name to grovia.
I have 2 grobaby shells & I love them!!
Thanks for letting me plug her website on your page!