Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 on Tuesday

10 about my childhood.

1.  I didn't have cable tv until middle school.  Not because we couldn't afford it or because it wasn't offered in our area - we didn't have it just because my parents knew we could live without it.  We could and the world was fine.  I watched Emergency 911, Beverly Hills 90210, and TGIF.
2.  I spent several weeks a summer in Kentucky.  Usually a week with each of my grandparents and 2 weeks with my dad and step mom.  Each week was very different.  At Nannie's we laked and played with puppies and watched Uncle Buck and Steel Magnolias over and over.  At Grandma and Grandpa Jones' I ate 3 home cooked meals a day, went to Vacation Bible School, and watched Grandpa work.  He upholstered furniture.  At my dad's I went to the pool daily and OMG watched cable tv.  Usually the disney channel, because it rawked!
3.  I went to 4 school systems and lived in 3 different states.  I went to 1st-6th grade in Durham, NC.  I went to 7th and 8th grade in Grapevine, TX.  I then moved back to NC and went to 9th grade and half of 10th grade in Roxboro, NC.  Lastly, I went to the second half of 10th grade all the way thru graduation in Franklin, IN.  I loved moving around.  And now I love facebook and myspace because I can keep up with all those people who were in my life in all those schools.
4.  I always knew what I was getting for Christmas.  I always snooped and found all my presents.  I just started being surprised the last 2 years.  I hate surprises.  
5.  I took dance classes.  Clogging, pointe ballet, and tumbling.
6.  I had a huge crush on a boy named Guy Tomcheck.  My parents called him Guy Upchuck.
7.  I was on a city swim team in middle school.  I loved practice and hated competing.  I was too nervous.
8.  I went to daycare everyday both before and after school from 1st thru 5th grade.  It was called Land of the Little People.  The bus picked me up there and dropped my off there.  My "teacher's" name was Vic.  I think I loved him.  I wish I knew his last name so I could find him online and send him and email.  He was a huge part of my life.
9.  I got a cat as a gift for rocking as a 1st grader.  He was an orange tabby named Nana or Nanners.  I loved him.  He lived for 16 years.  He passed away when I was a senior in college.  He almost was with me thru all of school.  He was a great cat.
10.  I got a dog when I moved to Texas.  Her name was Buckie.  She was an italian greyhound.  My parents have had 2 more since.  Tara and Kringle.  Buck died in January of 2006.  She was a good girl.

Now you know.

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