Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spoil or Be Spoiled?

Is it better to spoil someone or to be spoiled by someone?  This is an important question....

It is great to be spoiled - obviously...but isn't it kind of selfish?

It is fantastic to spoil other people too - but - what happens when they don't appreciate it?

What are your thoughts?

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Sarah and Alex said...

My thoughts are: If they enjoy spoiling you, then be grateful and accept it. If they are uncomfortable with being spoiled, then do things that make them comfortable instead. Alex loves to spoil me, he gets great satisfaction from it. It is his way of showing me he cares. I saw this one episode of Malcolm in the Middle...where it shows Hal taking care of Lois everyday when she comes home...cause her feet hurt from standing all day. He loves to rub her feet, and pamper her, and let her bitch to him. He loves to take care of her... then she goes and gets these shoe inserts, and she no longer needs him to rub her feet or pamper her when she gets home... and this hurts his feelings! He tries to destroy the shoe inserts. It was kind of funny =) Those are my thoughts. What do you think!