Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi, I'm scared. Nice to meet you.

So.  (I think I start all my posts with "So.")

My new manfriend and I are going down a very dangerous path very quickly.  The dangerous path of L-O-V-E.

The other day we were joking about me moving in next door to him.  That is kind of a running joke with us.  I want to move and he always says "Well, the house next door is still for sale".  

We were joking about that and he went on to say "You know our luck, you'll move here and then I will get the job in Indiana and we'll be in the same situation" and I responded "If we want 'us' to work out then we will figure it out".  Hmmmm....This opened up the can of worms.  He responded "what do you think about us?"

 YIKES.  I mean, I am crazy about him.  Crazy.  I am just scared to death about it because how in the hell did this happen?  How did I kick out my husband less than 2 months ago and I already find myself in very serious like with someone else?  Holy Crap.

I responded to him and said "I like you and I have a great time with you.  I think we have lots in common and there is a lot of potential....what do you think?"  He responded "I like you a lot, you are a great person and we do have a ton of fun together....I enjoy spending time with you and all of your family.  You are great in the have a great outlook on life...and you are making it very hard for me to not fall for you."  Holy Crap.  So I asked what I can do to help him with this fall.  His response "Fall with me so we can cushion each other".  Swoon.

Here is how I feel about him for real:  He is amazing.  He is wonderful.  He is pretty much everything I could ask for.  The only thing he isn't (and I am perfectly fine with it) is a vegetarian.  He reads books, he cooks, he loves his little girl so much, he watches food network and football, he keeps a pretty clean house, he doesn't wear shoes in his house, he is a Christian, oh I don't know...he is so much.  AND he seems to be crazy about me too.  He is very sweet to me.  

I am scared to fall for this one.  He is so wonderful.  I don't want to hurt him and I don't want to be hurt.  Yikes.


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