Thursday, September 11, 2008

He just left....

and I already miss him.  What on earth would it be like if we got to be together all the time?  Would I get annoyed by him?  Would he get annoyed by me?  I mean we both have failed marriages behind what would keep us from failing again?

on a lighter note

He has been here since Tuesday.  He met some of my closest friends and everything seemed to go pretty well.  I didn't tell him to "shut up" at any point this time around.  Funny story about that - on the way to the lake for Labor Day he mentioned that he can't tolerate someone telling him to "chill out" - I promised him I would never do that - mainly because I never say "chill out" so why would I?  I went on to say that I hate being told to "Shut Up" in a fight.  It is one thing to jokingly say "oh shut up, silly" or something of that nature - but it is different to say it in a fight.  It has only happened once - and it didn't go over well at all....ANYWAY - but then I proceeded to tell him to "shut up" all damn weekend.  It was horrible!  He was being silly and picking and whatnot and I did it, I told him to "shut up" and it was horrible.  :(  But, that's that.  
I really like him.  It is really scary.  I don't want to get hurt.  I don't want to hurt him - but I know that won't hurting him, because I am crazy about this one.  How in the hell did this happen?


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