Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100 Things

Too much information I'm sure....

100.  I love weddings.
99.  I am fully capable of killing someone with kindness.
98.  Cupcakes and Cookies are awesome.
97.  I watch too much tv.
96.  I have to have my toenails painted or I feel naked.
95.  I enjoy nudity.
94.  My favorite Disney movie is "Little Mermaid"
93.  I have been to Vegas twice.
92.  I am a pescetarian.
91.  I love butter.
90.  I love my dog Dori a bunch.
89.  I enjoy black and white patterns.
88.  Blackberry addict.
87.  I have met the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.
86.  Facebook addict.
85.  I like something about every season.
84.  I love summer for the lake.
83.  I love spring for the flowers and the chirpy birds.
82.  I love winter for the snow.
81.  I love fall for the leaves, the pumpkins, the pumpkin pie, and halloween.
80.  I have a divorce in my toolbox.  I use this tool for pretty much every decision I make.
79.  My mom gets on my nerves because we are very similar.
78.  I have a very vivid imagination.
77.  I could eat pasta every day.
76.  Today I went to the store.  I bought 4 cans of tomato sauce, 4 cans of petite diced tomatoes, and 4 cans of quartered artichokes.  
75.  I love red wine.
74.  I love sushi.
73.  My favorite song is "Come on get higher" but I like the Sugarland live version better than Matt Nathanson.  My bad.
72.  I really want a super nice Kitchenaid Mixer.
71.  I like to watch Food Network.
70.  My boyfriend makes the best canned cinnamon rolls ever.
69.  Flavored unsweetened iced tea is delish.  Currently I have ginger tea.
68.  I have brown eyes.
67.  I used to bite my nails and still do occasionally.
66.  Sometimes I like commercials better than the actual tv show.
65.  Kissing is my favorite past time.
64.  I want to have at least 2 bebies.
63.  I enjoy baby names.
62.  Lucy, Nora, and Gillian are my current favorite girls names.
61.  I am not so picky on boys names because all the names old fashioned and people don't like them.  George, Henry, Oliver, and Merrill
60.  Black is my favorite color.
59.  Pink is a close second.
58.  I love to take pictures.  
57.  I am a Delta Gamma
56.  I was a religious studies major in college.
55.  I am currently reading 3 books.
54.  I want a station wagon.
53.  I have a slight addiction to costume jewelry.
52.  I want my life to be like a fairy tale.
51.  I will never purchase another PC.  I am a Mac girl.
50.  I will never own a camera that isn't a Canon.  Well, never own a DSLR that isn't a Canon.
49.  I love
48.  I love ... ... ... I use ... all the time!  Dot Dot Dot - in every email, every blog post, every BBM, every txt.  It's true.
47.  My favorite place to eat lunch is Chipotle.
46.  I could watch Hope Floats over and over.
45.  I am a heavy coffee drinker.
44.  Someday I want to make a list like this only with things I want to do.
43.  The best meal I have ever eaten was at the Sunset Coastal Grill in Port St Joe, Fl.  It was a black pepper crusted pan seared Ahi.  Beautiful.  I just checked their menu online - they don't have it anymore.
42.  I love beans.  I can make a pot of beans and eat them for a week and be happy as a lark.
41.  I love bird things.  Bird necklaces, bird prints, bird representations.  But, I don't like birds.
40.  Cats are my favorite pets - but I am in love with someone who is allergic...such is life.  Someday we'll have a farm and I can have some outside kitties.
39.  I never thought I would date someone with a kiddo.  Now, I am, and it is awesome.  Being with that little girl is the highlight of my week.
38.  My very favorite car is a Mini Cooper.  They make me smile.
37.  My favorite flower is a gerbera daisy.  I like them in bright pink, orange, and red.
36.  Someday I want a giant diamond.  
35.  Bed is my favorite place.  Resting, sleeping, cuddling, all of it.
34.  I love sex.  
33.  I enjoy a clean kitchen.  Counter tops free of clutter.  Tables with nothing on them - or maybe just a neat stack of things.
32.  I love magazines.  They have shiny pages.
31.  I look forward to making memories with my children.  Saturday morning cartoons in bed with cinnamon rolls.  Dressing up on Sundays for church.  Singing songs in the car.  Family photos on the beach.
30.  I have a really bad habit of saying "hey, how are you?" waiting for the response and expecting a "great how are you?" - it is so bad, the other day I asked how someone was they responded "fine" and I responded "I'm fabulous".... loser.  I am still embarrassed.
29.  Corn meal fried....  Perfect combo for me.  Anything with this as the breading is delicious.
28.  I went to Franklin College.  I loved it, but I often wonder how different I would be as a person if I had gone to a larger school.
27.  I was a cheerleader.
26.  I am a lover not a fighter.
25.  I am 27 years old.  I can't wait to grow old with my love.
24.  I am so happy to have a boyfriend who has a super family.
23.  Happily Ever After is my goal in life.
22.  I cry a lot.
21.  I hate being tickled by being poked in the ribs but I love being tickled lovingly.  Fingertips lightly grazing my skin.  Score.
20.  I feel sorry for parents with ugly kids.
19.  My favorite nature made foods are tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, asparagus, and tuna.
18.   Food is my favorite thing - clearly.
17.  I have the most fun when there is no television involved.
15.  I have nice tatas.
14.  Sometimes I wish I had a beautiful tattoo.
13.  Tina Fey is hilarious.  I wish I could be funny.
12.  I wish I could be a kid again and go to summer day care.  Skating Rink on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Pool on Fridays.
11.  I enjoy Jason Mraz's music.  Also: Michael Buble and Joshua Radin.  I could listen to those 3 all day.
10.  I frequently take photos of myself.  It's sad.
9.  Thunderstorms are beautiful.
8.  Sand between my toes is pretty close to heaven.
7.  I love the Beatles.
6.  I like to swim.  Being in the water - pool, lake, ocean - is better than a massage.
5.  Five is my favorite number.
4.  I won't leave the house without mascara on.
3.  I wish I could have movie star hair.
2.  Waking up next to the man I love is my favorite thing.
1.  I am in love.

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LouAnna Tolliver said...

88. Word!
87. Cool.
86. Ditto!
72. I have the red one and love it!
70. My hubby makes the best PB&J. I think it’s the “love” ingredient. Delish!
56. I had this minor…it was because of Doc. Carlson! He has mad charisma!
14. I love mine. My 30th bday present to myself. No regrets. Pain, mad pain…but no regrets!
13. You ARE funny! Seriously!
1. And that’s awesome!