Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wind

Holy Cow.  The wind is blowing so hard right now I think it might just blow my house over.  That would be kind of let's hope it does.

This week has been uneventful.  I had a long convo with my boss on Monday afternoon and work is starting to look up.  No word on the new job.  I had dinner Monday night with BAR at El Meson - not my favorite - but we decided to meet half way.  It was a nice time.  We had a good amount to talk about since we haven't hung out since October.  I filled him in on the love life, the new job, the move, all of it.  He filled me in on his job and the girl who might just be #3....  Interested to see what happens there!

 Yesterday I worked and came home and took a nap.  Boring, I tell ya.

I have had a crappy tummy all week.  Electric shock pains every day.  I have a doc's appt tomorrow at 10a, so hopefully she can fix me up.  I just hope she doesn't poke and prod too much or I am gonna cry.

I am heading south for the weekend tomorrow.  I have some audits to do in KY and it is C's bday Monday...Not to mention the big Valentine's day on Saturday.  Currently we are planning on spaghetti, breadsticks, salad, and cheesecake for Saturday's dinner.  It is going to be the funnest! ever.  We are having a princess party because the little Turkey is going to be with us.  I can't wait.  We are going to dress up and eat and giggle and there will be pictures!    

Yesterday she and I talked on the phone and she said that she wanted me to come over.  Rewind to last week when we had this convo:
Turkey:  Um, are you going to come over for dinner?
Frootie!:  No, baby I live 3 hours away.
Turkey: *sigh* ok, maybe for breakfast then?

I love her.  I love her daddy too.  He's everything to me.  He is a dream come true.


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gmama16 said...

i have never met turkey, but by what you have said, i wanna know that little girl!