Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This morning I got the best card I have ever seen in my life. I got C a boring card that just said LOVE on the front and then "Once in a lifetime someone like you comes along" or something.... And then he gives me a card that says this:

Let's Promise to Always Be in Love
Let's always hold hands
and sneak kisses
and give hugs for no reason.
Let's always laugh together,
cry together,
and be there for each other.
Let's never stop talking
or sharing
or understanding each other...
Let's keep wishing on stars
and whispering secrets
and dreaming up new adventures.
Let's always love each other
like we do today.
Happy Valentine's Day

and then he wrote, I love you more and more with each passing day.

He makes me so happy. It also makes me very happy that we were both thinking on the very same wavelegnth when picking out our gifts. I got him a subscription to Food Network Magazine and he got me two great cookbooks from Williams Sonoma. A vegetable one and a seafood one. We are funny little people.


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Becca said...

So sweet! I almost teared up myself! :) Glad you found that boy! He's a keeper for sure!