Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bachelor

I do not watch the Bachelor.   Never - it has not been one of "my shows" ever. I think I saw a couple episodes in college and tonight I am having to watch another episode of the show....for 2 hours! Here are my thoughts:

-I don't at all understand how these women can fall in love with a man who is dating and being intimate with 2 other women.
-Isn't this practically polygamy?  Or considered being a "player"?
-How can these women have any sort of dignity when they know he is going on overnight dates with other girls all in the same week?!?  Here's his calendar:

Monday- Jillian - Helicopter ride, beautiful lunch in the mountains, chat about marrying my best friend, dinner, sex*...
Tuesday- Mollie - Bungee jumping, nice lunch with a game of 19 questions, dinner where she asked him to spend the night with her (slut), sex*.....
Wednesday- Melissa - Boat ride on Winston Churchill's old sail boat, sweet conversation, kissing,  dinner, sex*....

Notice the running theme -S-E-X with 3 different girls on 3 different nights - in a row!

Quote "even though I am falling for all three of you"....annoying!

Quote "I could really see any of them as my wife"....annoying!

Each girl made a personal private video - "one last plea from the heart" - My opinion "Oh please please love me...I want to be your wife even though I know you love 2 other people too".  

I just couldn't do it!  


* I assume they would have sex.... They are in New Zealand for cripe's sake!  They are adults....they are being all romantic...there is wine.  Duh.

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