Monday, February 2, 2009

I love her

I got to spend a lot of time with Turkey this past week.  It was so awesome!  She is so much fun.  She is quirky and cute and smart and a great kid.  She made me a valentine.  


Turkey: Um, I made you a balentime.
Frootie!:  Oh really?  It's beautiful.  What does it say?
T:  I miss you *sad voice*
F: Well, little girl, why do you miss me?  I am right here.
T:  I know.  But when you leave.  I miss you. *sad voice then giggles*


Also - at one point last week she patted me on the back and said "That's my girl".  Apparently for a second I was 4 and she was 27.  


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gmama16 said...

aww thats got to be the sweetest thing ive ever heard!! i cant wait til zay zay talks ;}