Thursday, July 22, 2010

362 Days til 30

Today's "do something new" is a doozy.

Today I went to get my tags transferred to Ky from In. When I walked into the room at the county clerk's office there was a cute baby. His mommy said "oh look there's another baby!" She went on to tell me that her baby boy was 5 and a half weeks old. Aw.

I walked over to the next window and while I was filling out the documents to have my title sent to them I over heard this convo:

Window Lady: Ok, Mr Husband (talking to the man holding the baby)....
Mommy: Oh no, this isn't my husband. This is my step son.
Window Lady: Oh! So this is your grandbaby? How wonderful! Is he your first?
Mommy: Oh no, this is my son. He's my step son and the father of my baby. *laughs*

It was only uncomfortable for everyone else there. This odd-coupling didn't seem upset about the oddity at all.


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