Sunday, July 11, 2010

alternate title: Love Part One

I guess my last post should have had an alternate title since it ended up being mostly pictures from Ken and Anna Eason's wedding 2 years ago. Oh well. Here is the story of how we fell in love. Part One.

After the wedding Prince C and I both returned home - him to Lexington and me to Franklin. I am not sure who "friended" who on facebook but, we became friends on facebook (along with many other folks that we all met at the destination wedding). Sidenote: I wonder how many relationships facebook has helped along and in turn how many facebook has hurt. I was having some issues in my life then and for whatever reason - I felt like reaching out to him about them. Just for an ear, an ear who knew nothing about me except what was published on FB and that I owned a revealing blue dress. So, I shot an email. It took a couple days for him to get back to me. When he did - he didn't say much. He let me know, since I was such a pretty girl he was sure I would land on my feet. Just to give it time. Ha, land on my feet.

Over the next few days we started using the chat feature on facebook. Imagine if you will: me, wine, cheese, my dogs, and my laptop. That is how I spent my evenings during the summer of '08. Then our phone numbers were exchanged. Holy Hell the text messaging. Finally we made plans to have lunch. Plans for Monday July 28th. I needed to be in Lexington for work, so we thought, we'll grab some lunch and have an official meeting.

We kept texting. Texting all day and messaging on facebook all night. Sometimes both. We decided we couldn't wait. Plans changed. We met for lunch in Louisville instead, on the 22nd. A 5 hour lunch that involved 2 restaurants, kissing hello, holding hands, sitting way to close to each other, and eventually lots of kissing. WOW. I was totally enamored with him. Handsome, kind, a good listener, a good talker, we had so much in common. When I got home that night I decided, I wanted him to be a part of my life. Even if it were just as friends.

Our lunch plan for the 28th became all weekend plans. I would drive down on Saturday after a birthday party shoot I had scheduled. I should be done by 4. My family was going to have a cookout for me because my birthday had been the week before. I invited him along. He invited me to stay. Then those plans became, "I'm bored, I'm driving up to see you tonight, I can't wait until tomorrow".

So there you have it. History all written out. July 11th 2008 my life changed forever, my husband started flirting with me. Or as he calls it, "you stalked me".


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