Friday, July 16, 2010

Love Part 2

During the first weekend I spent with my sweet husband, he gave me a key. I never gave it back. For the longest time he didn't even have a key to his own home. His mom had one and I had one. Good thing he knew he wanted to marry me after our first date.

After a few weekends here with him (probably around the beginning of September - because I only came to visit every other weekend) he gave me my own drawer. A place where I could keep a few things. I suppose he felt obligated since he kept finding my panties in the laundry.

I was so smitten with him. He was all I could think about. He was funny. He was sexy. He made me feel good about myself and great about the world we lived in. Life with him was easy. We didn't fight, we just loved. We cuddled, hugged, kissed, made love, every bit of what a perfect life should be....And, guess what, we still do. Our life is still perfect from the top of our heads to the tippy tips of our pinky toes we are still in love and life is still perfect.


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