Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Husband

is the most fun person I know. We have the best time together. Well, I suppose I shouldn't speak for him -- but I have the best time with him. No matter what we are doing we are enjoying it.

Two years ago this week we met. My cousin Kenneth got married and we both attended the wedding. We didn't know each other at all, nor did we spend time together at or around the
wedding. We met briefly at the reception and that was that. I am not sure I have ever told the story...not that there is much to tell.

I was there to video Kenneth and Anna Eason's wedding.
Really, I made my dad video and I took pictures. Why on earth would I want to take video? I mean, seriously...I have a love affair with freezing time.

During the wedding a nasty rainstorm rolled in. We were all anxiously wondering what would happen....

It started to POUR right as the preacher said "You may kiss the bride". So they did just that, kissed...

and got inside as quickly as possible!

I, on the other hand didn't get in nearly as quickly. So I looked like a drowned rat.

Somehow, even looking this way my husband noticed me....or my boobs, you decide. Haha. My Aunt Jackie introduced us that night. We just said hello and walked away. Two and a half weeks later we went on our first date. And the they say, is history.


PS -- See whole wedding post here: flickr Happy Anniversary Kenneth and Anna Eason!

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