Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Storm 2009

So.... This weekend I came to Lexington to see C and the Turkey.

We had a really good time all weekend and on Sunday (as mentioned before) we went to Ikea and while in Cincy - it started to snow. All blizzary-like. We got home and I decided to stay since it was pretty late. I said I would drive home Monday afternoon. Monday, I worked all day - until around 630p - and again, decided...I will drive home tomorrow. I was thinking I could take a long lunch and drive home...Anywho! I totally got iced in. I haven't left the house in 2 days, well technically 3 days. I only left the house on Monday to run to Papa Murphy's and it was only for a couple minutes because um, they were closed.

There has been a lot of work. Surprisingly, I have gotten a lot of work done. There has also been a lot of Nick Jr. Lots of Dora, Diego, Ki Lan....Lots of Disney. Turkey has been here for a couple nights and a couple days. It has been super awesome. We colored. We snuggled. We played memory. We put on fake makeup. We laughed at C every time he tooted. this post is boring and backward. Not much to tell I guess.


PS - these words just came out of my mouth: "Why does your penis always have to be involved?" Now....Here's the scenario. C and I are making chili tonight. His cayenne pepper expired in 2000. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He said "oh come on!" and I said "Look at the color difference, babe!" and he said "look at the color of my penis!" and then I said what I said.... He is 12, I think. But I love every second of it. I can't wait to see what else is coming. We laugh too much I think.


The Shaw's said...

AWWW you can never laugh TOO much! =) Glad you are having fun!! I bet it was nice to be snowed it =)

The Shaw's said...

snowed in I mean... ugh i hate when i have typos... and i do it a lot!