Monday, January 5, 2009

Gooshy Christmas Lists between the Ex's Girlfriend and Frootie! ...

Adapted from an email exchange on Dec 19 and Dec 22.

Frootie!: What do you want for Christmas?

Shaundra:  .....Remember the last time Brad met my Dad?  He was drunk and had one testicle hanging out of his cut off jean shorts - my dad not Brad LOL :-).  What could a drunk Christmas bring at the W's?  Then I have been told I will be spending some time with the S's which I am still a little nervous about.

As for Christmas I want my mom and sister to laugh a bunch and for us to play some stupid games that make the kids giggle.  I want Mak to sit on my lap when she opens her presents Christmas morning.  I want K to love everything she gets and feel super loved by everyone in her life.  (She put "love" on her Christmas list)  I want to eat too much but not gain a pound.  I want to take a bunch of pictures.  I want Brad to feel super loved when he opens his presents from the girls and I.  I want you to feel real loved when you open your presents from C.  I want to get to spend some time with my boyfriend.  :-)  I just want us all to be super happy.  :-)

Oh and a couple pair of Big Fat Wool Socks and a love note would be awesome too!  LOL

How about you?  What's on your list?

Frootie!:  All of your ideas for Christmas sound good to me too.  I would also like these things (in no particular order):  I want to fall asleep in the big chair at Aunt Jackie's with my belly full of red wine.  I want my dogs to be good so I can relax and not freak out the whole time I am at C's.  I want to hear the Turkey say "Um, Hilwe" about a million times.  I want to play loaded questions and laugh at every one's answers and color a whole coloring book full of pictures with Turkey.  I want to help Turkey with her "A" of now it looks more like a "Q".  I want my Grandpa to pray over dinner for 10 minutes and my Dad to announce at the end "that was good".  I want to drink a couple beers and listen to Dave tell stories.  I want Luke to love his trees that Aunt Frootie! got him and Sydney to rub her mommy's belly and talk to her little brother and then giggle.  I want to go to Mom's on New Year's Day and bring the Turkey with us - and eat broccoli casserole.  I want to be part of something bigger than we are.  I want to go to Midnight Mass at St Luke's and see Luke and Emma in their pjs, Luke singing and Emma gazing around at all the candles.  I want to feel the love and meaning of Christmas and praise God for all the blessings he has rained down on all of us this year.  It is going to be amazing, I just know it.

As for gifts - C and I aren't really exchanging gifts because we are saving for an Alaskan Cruise.  I did buy him a book he wants and a marshmallow gun to play with, just so he will have some gifts to open.  I don't really want anything that can be put in a box.  I want to not have to leave him anymore.  It just gets harder every time.


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