Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitchen Shopping

Today C and I went IKEA to pick up some lightbulbs and lint rollers. I never found the lint rollers, FAIL, but we had a delightful time picking out the perfect kitchen.

Our perfect kitchen has antique stained cabinets and a multi-colored neutral countertop that has both tan, darker brown, and black. It has a corner sink with a professional spraying faucet. We want double convection ovens set side by side, a microwave under the counter (tucked away nicely), and a cooktop with 4 or 6 gas burners and a grill (this is not from IKEA). All the appliances will be stainless. We want a large island with plenty of workspace and a deep sink and bar. Ideally we will have plenty of room to work together and space for our children to help us or watch from the bar...maybe doing homework or coloring.

I am so excited to see all these dreams come true.


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