Friday, January 9, 2009

Washing the dirty off...

I just got a phone call from a friend. She was crying and said "hi, I'm freaking out and I know I just need to breathe but I just read on Yahoo that CC might be closing and liquidating which means me too...". So, I grew big balls too fast and said "hang on"....

I work for the same place as her and happen to work for a biggish big-wig who tends to know everything about everything - so I popped out of my chair and knock knocked on big-wig's office door. "Can I ask you a quick question?". "Mmmm Hmmmm". "I am on the phone with my friend who works at CC and is stressed that she's gonna lose her job in a week, help!" *strained smile* "what are you talking about?". "The CC bankruptcy" "well we'll absorb those employees, that person needs to talk to their boss.". "Well, she is a boss and her boss isn't returning her calls. All of her employees are panicing and she doesn't know how to respond".

Long story short: we didn't get an answer and I feel like I need to wash the dirty off of me. I feel like I went in to talk to an authority figure and I was blown off and looked at in a condecending manner and really if we can't talk to those in charge who should we talk to. And don't we work here bc of job security? That's why I work here. I totally understand there are some things that can't be shared but all I really was looking for was a heartfelt "it'll all be alright". Can't you give that to me?


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