Monday, January 5, 2009

meeting a new baby

I have no concept at all of what it must be like to be a new mom. I went over to Rachel and Jeff's to meet brand new baby Helen last night and it was unfathomable to me....Rachel wasn't pregnant anymore! This baby we have been waiting on for so long was here and it felt like she has always been here. She is a very pleasant baby, just a doll and a lovebug. I am so glad she's here for us all to spoil and love BUT how does it feel to grow one of those things and then all the sudden have it be "real" and alive and needing to be cared for....

I want one. So I can learn.


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The Shaw's said...

It is a strange idea to ponder. I was wondering the same thing. It was so strange for Rachel to be wheeled back for surgery, then suddenly there was this new living person, being wheeled out... And then the next time we saw Rachel, she was no longer pregnant. It is weird to know that my best friend of 25 years is a mom. I remember many of Rachel's "firsts"... like first boyfriend, first kiss, etc etc... but this trumps all of them. I keep trying to wrap my head around it, but it's hard. In a good way though. And it has been a long time to wait for this baby... going through 2 miscarriages and all. But now she is here, let us rejoice!